Group Accommodation Daylesford

There are plenty of great group accommodation locations in Daylesford and even more fantastic sights and activities to enjoy. In no particular order, here are just some to name a few: 1. Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens Commanding a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, this tranquil destination is a must for those looking to briefly escape civilization and step into this beautifully wooded sanctuary. Great for a stroll or family picnic. 2. Wine tours If you’d like to sample some of the delicious local produce, th... > MORE

Group Ideas Daylesford

If you’re looking for some inspiration for something to do with friends or work colleagues, here are some excellent suggestions if you’re considering utilizing Daylesford’s group accommodation. 1. Hen’s party What better way to treat yourself whilst sharing a glass of champagne or two with some of your closest friends, with a relaxing bath before a night out on the town 2. Birthday surprise It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Spoil that special friend of yours with a couple days at the mineral springs and invi... > MORE

Five Health Benefits

Besides the obvious reason of providing a warm, relaxing escape from our stressful jobs, having a weekend away in Hepburn Springs at one of their cottage accommodation spots can also be good for your health. Here are just five of the benefits for your body when visiting a hot spring. 1. A natural detox When bathing in hot springs, your body temperature slowly increases and encourages sweating, eliminating harmful toxins and germs which are likely to make you ill. 2. Improved sleep Soaking in warm water helps to relax th... > MORE


Rubens at Hepburn is a fully licensed restaurant specialising in Mediterranean style cuisine. The atmosphere is welcoming with relaxed table service, you can enjoy picturesque bush views from the al-fresco area or relax near the log fire. Click here to find out more.... > MORE


The Farmers Arms is the oldest pub in Daylesford. Built in 1857, it has the perfect combination of country charm combined with a sophisticated menu, far from typical pub food. They also provide friendly professional service and a wonderful atmosphere. Click here for more information.... > MORE


A historic Bathhouse since 1895, the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa has been an icon of the region. The Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa is situated within the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve near picturesque Hepburn Springs and Daylesford, and draws mineral waters directly from the source to offer a unique spa and bathhouse experience. Click here to find out more.... > MORE