Group Accommodation Daylesford

Seven must do’s when visiting Daylesford

There are plenty of great group accommodation locations in Daylesford and even more fantastic sights and activities to enjoy. In no particular order, here are just some to name a few:

1. Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens

Commanding a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, this tranquil destination is a must for those looking to briefly escape civilization and step into this beautifully wooded sanctuary. Great for a stroll or family picnic.

2. Wine tours

If you’d like to sample some of the delicious local produce, then consider one of the various tours which take you around the area and allows you to visit some of its most popular wineries.

3. Spas and wellness

With the option of 13 relaxing locations to receive remedial massages, spa treatment and more, you’re really spoilt for choice. Perfect for a lazy Sunday of rejuvenation.

4. Quad bike tour

For those wishing to explore the countryside with a bit of excitement, this outdoor activity provides a great opportunity to take in the sights whilst getting your blood pumping.

5. Daylesford Sunday Market

Conveniently located next to the town’s railway station, explore these beautiful markets for some antiques or handmade crafts. Alternatively, go for the live music and great selection of food and coffee.

6. Convent Gallery

Visit the beautiful, old chapel and admire the gardens before heading in for some tea and admire the gallery of varying art pieces which are continually changing and being updated.

7. Lake Daylesford

If you’re lucky enough to find some group accommodation on Lake Daylesford, then make sure you take the peaceful walk around the edges of its shore and admire the gorgeous scenery.