Group Ideas Daylesford

Six Great Group Ideas for the Daylesford Hot Springs

If you’re looking for some inspiration for something to do with friends or work colleagues, here are some excellent suggestions if you’re considering utilizing Daylesford’s group accommodation.

1. Hen’s party

What better way to treat yourself whilst sharing a glass of champagne or two with some of your closest friends, with a relaxing bath before a night out on the town

2. Birthday surprise

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Spoil that special friend of yours with a couple days at the mineral springs and invite yourself along to keep them company. After all, what are friends for right?

3. Weekend away with the girls

For when the stress of mundane daily tasks get you down and the thought of doing as little as possible with your girlfriends whilst in deep relaxation is the only thing that keeps you going.

4. Pre-wedding relaxation

On one of the most stressful days of your life, there’s nothing more soothing for the nerves than an early morning session at the springs to offer some much needed relaxation. Take your bridesmaids and calm your body and mind for the busy day to come.

5. Corporate events

Great for a group celebration or team bonding experience. Host your next work event at the hot springs to treat your team to day of relaxation and have them leaving revitalised for their next day of work.

6. Friend reunions

What better way to catch up over lost time with old friends by staying at one of the Daylesford group accommodation locations and visiting the hot springs.